Custom LED Neon Signs

custom led neons

Custom-made LED Neon Signs For Any Occasion

Brighten your life, office, shop front, special day, event and
more with our custom LED Neon signs.

Warm White, Custom LED Neon Sign. Mounted onto clear acrylic backing.

Warm White, Custom LED Neon. Mounted onto clear acrylic backing.

Whether it’s in your lounge or in the garden, we create both indoor and outdoor LED neon signs.
Our outdoor LED neon signs are waterproofed using a high-quality silicone waterproof treatment
including the power supplies, which are suitable for Australian power and long-term use.

We avoid cheaper power supplies
which aren’t designed for long-term use.
Instead we supply high quality
certified power supplies.

If you’re looking for a bolder look or a larger
LED neon sign, we’ve got what you need.
We’ll use a thicker LED neon rope
to create the concept you’re looking for.
Text & Word LED Neon Signs have
never looked this good.
led neons signs led
custom made neons
If you’re keen to have your image animated or move in sequence, our team of designers and builders can create a programmable LED neon sign that does exactly that.
Choose from 18 colour options, 4 mounting options and 10 coloured acrylic backings to create a custom LED neon sign that will light up your life.
LED Neon Flex Colour Chart
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Show your family and friends some love.

Need a gift? We’ll create an LED neon sign that’s completely unique so your best mate knows how special they are! We ship Australia wide.